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The rustic farms are usually non-urbanizable. We are talking about farms that are essentially intended for agricultural use. This is the case throughout Spain. As a general rule it is not allowed to build a “normal” concrete house that requires a project site, its corresponding license and the inherent environmental impact that it could entail. This is considered lucky because it keeps the area sufficiently protected so that it remains what it has always been without being depleted of its natural charm.

However, the possibility of building a single-family home is contemplated provided that the requirements set forth in Article 30.2 are met. Of the Law of Urbanism 3/2009 of June 17 of the Autonomous Community of Aragon: “… When expressly authorized by the general plan, municipalities may grant building permits for the construction of isolated buildings destined to single-family dwellings In which there is no possibility of forming a nucleus of population, in accordance with the concept established in article 246.2 () will require a single dwelling per plot, that the buildings do not exceed the three hundred square meters of constructed area, and As if the plots have at least ten thousand square meters of surface and that are attached to the building … “.

On the other hand, it should be noted that some of the land has a “mas” (rural house) and others do not. These mases have given their use to the families of the region for generations. They are stone constructions that the inhabitants of the region used to spend a few days in the season of more agricultural activity of the year. And they are now used as holiday homes when the summer season arrives. These buildings are still standing most of them and many are to rehabilitate. To reform them and to extend them it is possible requesting the corresponding permission to the City council and obtaining the necessary license.

In the case of a rainfed estate with a minimum surface area of 4,000 m2, the construction of a “mas” or shed that occupies 20% of the land area is legally permitted. If it is a farm of irrigation with a minimum surface of 1.000 m2 is possible the construction occupying also a maximum of 20% of that land. This is the norm that applies in those farms that belong to the municipal term of Maella. In Caspe, for example, the percentage varies and stands at 4%. Each City Council has its own regulations and the allowed surface area to build is different.

NOTE: Another possibility is the placement of a piece of furniture that does not require any foundation on the floor (yurts, tipis, wooden houses, mobilhomes …). The installation of this type of habitacles is only allowed requesting the corresponding permission to the City.