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At Fincas ARAGÓN LIFE, we offer an integral service to our clients accompanying them during the whole process of rehabilitation of their mases, houses and / or construction of a new booth.

The service consists of a visit to the property next to a local builder where the owner proposes his wishes for the construction. This one based on his knowledge and experience the constructor designs a budget. Once accepted, the same constructor is the one in charge of requesting the corresponding permission to the City.

During the works the client has direct contact with the constructor via email and we ensure that the renovations are carried out as agreed upon when necessary for the flowing communication between the client and the builder. We also monitor the works and periodically send photographs of the evolution of the works via mail.

We collaborate with local builders because we believe that they are the ones who know the dynamics of operation for the obtaining of permits and knowledge of the area, as well as the connection with other professionals such as architects, carpenters, painters, blacksmiths, etc. .

We also assist in the arrangement of roads, the delivery of drinking water to farms, firewood, etc …