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The climate in the region presents a certain continental hue (relatively long winters and summers) within its own Mediterranean characteristics.

During the winter season temperatures range from 0o to 15oC, while in the summer months they are around 25o to 40oC.

The rains are scarce and irregular and the hours of sunshine are many. About 300 days a year are full sun. In winter there are anticyclonic periods and often the fog appears forming a very characteristic landscape.

Agricultural activity is the main economic source of the region. The majority of the cultivated area is dry land where they stand out above the rest: olive trees (from which extra virgin olive oil with a designation of origin is extracted), the almond trees and the vineyards. While in the irrigation crop peach, nectarines, cherries and figs are imposed. At a particular level, many locals have their own orchard where they grow all kinds of vegetables, generally giving them an ecological treatment.