Guía del Comprador

When buying a property, we must be clear about what we want from it.
In our area, 80% of our clients are foreigners. Many of them come looking for a dream of a more natural and… much cheaper life.
The main thing is to keep in mind that today’s mood, for example, very stressed, will not be the same as in a few months when you have settled in your brand new property.
Many foreigners find that the solitude sought at the beginning becomes burdensome after months, for example. With which they will have made an investment that they will later abandon

Finding a Property

Our agency strongly recommends being realistic: if you have a disability or are very old, starting a natural life in a small stone house, far from the town, will sooner rather than later become a problem for you.
We must coldly meditate on what type of property suits our tastes, today… but also tomorrow.

Choosing a Lawyer

There are many foreigners who ask us if they should hire a lawyer. Our experience is that if it is a simple sale, in which mortgages do not have to be requested, or that they are sold or bought through companies, it is not necessary.
In Spain, the Simple Note to the Property Registry is requested by the Notary ex officio.
It is not possible to sell a property in Spain without the buyer knowing if there is any type of lien on the property. The same Notary will let you know if the property has any problems.

Negotiating a Purchase

The normal thing in Spain, once the sale price has been agreed, is to make a reservation contract.
Once this contract is made, and the amount stipulated between the parties has been paid, the agent will begin to organize the entire purchase-sale process.

Cost of Purchase Process

Basically there are 3 costs in any purchase and sale of a property:
1- 8% taxes, imposed by the government, on the purchase price. If the purchase is lower than the «Reference index», 8% will be charged on the value that the government estimates as a minimum, which is the so-called «reference index»
2- Notary fees. It is usually between 500 and 700 euros. But it is difficult to know what the final price of the deeds will be since in Spain notaries charge by the number of pages that a deed finally has.
3- Notification of the change of ownership in the Property Registry. About €400 and €600. For the same reason as the Notary costs: they charge per page and depending on how many there are they will charge more or less

Step Description
#1 Sales price agreement
#2 Verification that there is no charge on the property
#3 Taxes: 8% on the purchase value or on the «Reference index
#4 Notary fees
#5 Property Registration costs