Valoración de Propiedades

To value a property, an agency specialized in appraisals is normally used. Now, the client does not always want a technical report, which will also cost them money.
It’s easier to go to the ad platforms and see the average price for an area.
In any case, in the area where we operate, the price is difficult to assign to a property, since in general real estate is very cheap, compared to other regions of Spain, and it is more about what price the seller believes his property deserves, than seeing a figure of an average price, which may not correspond to reality

The local property market

In any case, the Government of Spain created from January 1, 2022 what is called the «reference index», which is the price at which the government estimates that any type of property should be sold. In fact, the price that appears in the «reference index» is the one for which taxes will be paid at the time of the purchase and sale, unless the purchase and sale price is higher than the «reference index». reference».

At the time of purchase and sale before a notary, taxes will always be paid for the highest amount